design & agriculture

posted on 15 Nov 2010 18:37 by nuansmag in politics

When Thailand is driving “creative economy” to be one of the country’s business strategy, there is a voice from another side debating that agriculture is instead the development window where we can really expect the growth.

I doubt if we could parallel them in developing. We have full options of nature resources, in fact we are quite fundamentally rich. And we start to have more people in design industry and the city starts to really get the vibe of art and design, and i don't want to see it is just a fashion. We should really do something about it.

Having 2 sides of the strategies could be such a supportive environment, a big chance to grow for Thailand. they could stregthen each other. and i think it is something we can be serious about. i still have hope for our country. in fact, we can definitely be great, we just need to focus, and be re-arranged, back to good norms, create a certain standard of living, be diligent, do our best, not look down on each other, and may be know a little of how to work as a team. and most importantly, keep the idea of 'quality' in mind.

In micro picture, we do best on what we can of course, but I think it is important that we need to be sharpen by the clearer supportive directions from the government too. then we can go very far.