from my heart

posted on 06 Mar 2011 17:22 by nuansmag in inthedaysbrackets
from my heart.
i miss you from my heart.
i love you from my heart.
if i can do something about it, yes i can.
i write this from my heart.
there are times, when every days of mine are going great.
some changes and challenges that pumps my heart,
and tell me this is what the day should be,
and no matter what, it is me who decides if i should let myself passing through or just let it go.
my strong sensibility always works well on keep telling me to make the right choice and be in the right track.
from my heart, i wish i could share it with you, everyday.
there are days, when i wake up cheerfully and think to myself today is gonna be a super.
i smile when i walk, i laugh when i talk, i enjoy it- the way the world response to me positively.
every songs i pick, they are seemed to be right for the day.
and i think may be this is what it feels. perhaps like what you did when you were here.
to give it first, and don't even care if you won't get it back in return. that was awesome!.
from my heart, i just wanna tell you that i can do what you did. and thankfully i could feel what you felt. it's supremely good. and you can always be proud of me.
there are moments, when everything is going to be better. i feel better. everyone feels better.
i think it means something. and i think this is how you want it to be. this is exactly what you want to see. your beautiful smile that we will never forget. your greatest cheerful spirit that will always keep it to ourselves too. it is your true love that we are today, and i am today.
from my heart, you know i am gonna do best i could do. i am gonna be best i could be. how much i love and miss you, i am gonna turn it into something incredibly great. and of course you can definitely count on me.
from my heart, i don't care if i could see you. i don't care any more where you are. you with me and i am with you here in my heart. and that's enough for us, we are going together, side by side.
and i assure you here that i will be a very crazy happy people.
from my heart, a love note to you.
i love you and i miss you (so bad).